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2023 Beauty Trend Predictions

And just like that, 2022 has left the building, which means it’s time for some new inspiration. Maybe even some new trends?

2022 made it very clear that Instagram and TikTok are now our encyclopedias to all beauty trends. You might be wondering, what’s trending now in 2023? Well, with my sixth sense and a little bit of research, I was able to put together some predictions.

Yaasss! We love a little vision into the anticipated beauty trends of 2023. Try to keep up!

Self-Care Sundays are here to stay!

Since the beginning of remote work, it’s been clear that we need to prioritize self care. Beauty was not only created to make us look good but to also make us feel good. However, many of us believe it’s unattainable due to how expensive it can be. Not to worry though, according to Essence Magazine, self care doesn’t have a price tag. You can use what is already in your kitchen. For example, honey, turmeric, brown sugar, aloes, and many different fruits. The goal of self care within beauty is to be intentional about yourself and the ways in which you utilize beauty as a method of inspiration and healing. This may include mental and sexual wellness, health and fitness at every stage of life and/or beauty products and brands that provide an uplift. So whether it’s putting on a face mask or lighting a candle, it is important that you take some time to invest in yourself. Need some inspiration on how to curate your own Self Care Sundays? Follow certified life coach, on Instagram and TikTok for all things wellness.

$10 Manicures Where?

Prior to the 2020 global pandemic, the press-on nail craze started to slowly make a comeback and has been clawing its way back into our lives. The cost of manicures have definitely been increasing as gel has become the staple, go-to polish. However, with press-ons, you can enjoy a gel finish with your favorite colors, designs, and shapes without breaking the bank! They’re such a steal, as they are nearly accessible everywhere and fairly inexpensive. Looking to try out the press-on trend? Allure suggests some of these brands, Static Nails, The Instant Manicure, Opi xpress-ons, Glamnetic, and Impress. If you’re looking for something Black-owned, Marsai Martin, youngest producer in the entertainment industry, dropped her own press-on line called MaribyMarasi. It has a range of different designs and lengths that you can find to fit your mood. Another perk of press-ons is they don't do nearly as much damage as the usual dip powders and acrylics. While some contain adhesive tabs that make it simpler to remove, replace, and even reuse them, others have a safer and gentler nail glue. Who says you have to pay $75 for a manicure? I’m definitely going the $10 route.

Celebrity ≠ Beauty Brand

Over the years, we have been introduced to a ton of beauty/skincare brands by well known celebrities such as Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Lori Harvey, La La Anthony, Winnie Harlow, etc. However, as more celebrities have developed their own beauty brands, consumers are starting to question their authenticity. They’re noticing celebrities releasing products without having any former knowledge or experience within the beauty industry. For example, take Ciara. She put out a skincare line, OAM, back in September 2022. When you first think about Ciara, what comes to mind? For me, it is a tall, beautifully shredded, melanated, dancing machine. We know her for being an amazing performer, popular for creating the greatest early 2000’s hits. In my mind, It would make more sense for her to put out cute workout gear or a shoe collaboration. I get it, skincare is popping right now, but sometimes it's okay to stick with what you know. So…let me know when you put out the Nike collab sis!

Don't Skip on the Scalp

Don't forget that scalp! Long, healthy hair is the result of a clean scalp. The hair care industry has seen the emergence of scalp serums, but in 2023, I predict a lot more scalp treatment programs will be available. More scalp washes, scrubs and oil concoctions. Glamour Magazine showcases TPH, Taraji P Henson’s scalp and hair care line in their Wash Day Diaries series. Ms. Henson aims to change the way Black women view self-hair care. Her products are infused with aromatherapy ingerdients like sage extract and lemongrass. Be sure to follow @ravishinggirl @kyshira.chirima and @madamj on TikTok to learn more about scalp care.

What did you put in my hair?!?

Speaking of hair, what are your thoughts on Mielle Organics? I predict that the Mielle Organics Hair Care formula is going to change. Here’s why! Founded by a black couple, Mielle Organics has grown to become a top brand for people with textured hair thanks to its cutting-edge, technologically advanced products, all-natural ingredients, and motivating and enlightening content. Here is where my prediction comes in. On January 11, Mielle Organics announced that they will be joining P&G Beauty. According to Businesswire, this move is subject to regulatory approval and would increase access to healthy hair products and services for Black women all over the world. P&G Beauty is known for buying black hair care products and changing the formula. Ever since the news broke, it has created an uproar in the Black community. We’re nervous about the formula changing in all the products, but the one product that has everyone anxious is the Mielle Organics Hair Oil.

Many Black women have said that this oil has been their saving grace when it comes to hair growth. In an Instagram post, Mielle stated that the brand will continue to function as a stand-alone division of P&G Beauty and they have no plans to change the formulas. *sigh*

Let’s take a moment of silence for Mielle Organics Hair Care’s true formula, you will for sure be missed.

So, did I lose you? That’s alright, I have some trendsetters that you definitely want to keep up with this year while they continue to catch you up on the latest trends of 2023.

Monet McMichael

Based out of New York, she is one of TikTok’s most favorite beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers.

Jaz Turner

Based out of Atlanta, Jaz has been hitting the FYP on TikTok a lot lately showing you an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist lifestyle.

TikTok: @jazturner16


Last but not least, based out of Orlando, Nola shows you all the ways to make your life a little bit easier with amazing amazon goodies.


So, which trends are you thinking about following? Which one do you think you will regret? Comment below!


Image credits (in order):Pexels; TBH by TarajiHenson; Mielle Organics;Slay Braids Beauty Supply; EOnline; YouTube; Amazon

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