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[Podcast] Chardline Chanel on The Intersection of Being and Becoming, a Black Girl Digital Podcast

We’re back with another episode of The Intersection of Being and Becoming! A Black Girl Digital podcast where we discuss the intimate journey of being an influencer while becoming your best self and building a successful brand. In this episode, we spoke with Chardline (@ChardlineChanel), a lifestyle creator residing in Boston.

Formerly known as the quiet girl in her family, social media became an online diary for Chardline. A place where she could be transparent and easily share her story with others. Her transparency and authenticity are what brought people her way, which in turn helped her gain a following of over 135k followers across social media. She covers a wide range of content from mental health awareness and wellness to plus-size fashion.

In the episode, Chardline discussed her fitness journey, fashion and how she personally navigates brand partnerships as an influencer. You can hear more about Chardline’s story on YouTube or anywhere you listen to your favorite podcast.

“No matter what I talk about, it is of value and not just for a check.” - Chardline Chanel

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